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    Whats the best practice for managing Multilanguage support?

    Sigi Kiermayer Newbie


      yeah at first i searched on the Forum but i found nothing about it. I readed a book for Design patterns on j2ee but i didn't find anything in this direction. Now i will make a portal with multilanguagesupport. The solution i know are ressourcefiles and getting on every jsp and servlet who needs strings the languagestring from a Ressourcemanager. But at first i would like to have the multilanguagesupport direkt on the jsp. I mean i write the en/de/sp whatever text multipli on the jsp and the data from the database get a locale object or something else. If its a bad idea and not implementable, whats the best technic for writing a ressourcemanager by my owne? A static class which reads a xml file on the first access and hold it on the ram? Or its better for skalable to make an bean who read it from the db and jboss optimize it with a querycache? Or i use a bean who hold the data by himself in a static class?