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      Guys, I need your opinion on the 'seperation of powers' between a forum administrator and a moderator. I mean what would you suggest is the limit of say what a moderator can do. I give an example, I have a forum with categories -> forums -> topics -> replies, in order of containment (thanks to ideas from jboss forum:-)), I allow the moderator to add, remove, delete etc any of the above. I want to incorporate the idea of a moderator role, what would you think should be the limit of what he should be able to do?
      Really, I don't have a requirements spec document, so pls don't be surprised I have to figure this out myself. (It's not exactly a corporate business contract!)

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          Nnaneme Iloeje Newbie

          I had posted a 'newTopic' titled "Online forum" in which I sought help on an issue. I had another question on the same topic but I decided not to post it as a reply. I created a new "Online forum" topic, within the same forum as the first. I wanted to know how JBoss forum handles creating duplicate topics within a forum. It appears it was allowed. Can anyone help me with the logic or reason behind this. I used to think that it should be disallowed.