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    Accessing files using different user accounts

    Fin Steenbjerg Newbie

      I have an architectural questions concerning file access from j2ee applications.

      The problem: since we are running our jboss application servers in a "local system account" on a MS Windows servers, the fileshares being accessed must be accessible by everyone (everyone must have full control). This is not acceptable since the files may contain sensible data. Even if the application server was running in a dedicated account (not local system account) we can not expect all applications to access files within this account.

      Ideal Solution: It would be nice if we had an j2ee connector that could be set up to access the file system with different user accounts. I would prefer that the connector was implemented in java completely (not usings telnet or something similar).

      I would like to know if anyone has a solution for the problem described above or if anyone has knowledge of the existence of a connector with the functionality described above. Any comment would be nice.