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    Is it the right tool for multisites management?

    Marco Toni Newbie

      I'm evaluation some solutions regarding multi site mangament and I wuold like to know before to enter in deep exploration if with GateIn I will manage this scenario (I put yes where I probably know..):
      1) Creating multiple site using one istance of GateIn (yes)
      2) Have different languages for each site (yes)
      3) assigning a doman (www.mydomain.com) for each site (?)
      4) create many sub site deriving from the main site each site uses different language than the main one but it uses same template with different skin (yes)
      5) each sub site reuses contents from the parent rather than specific contents created in the sub site (probabily yes ?)
      6) assigning a specific domain to the sub site www.mydomain.it or it will be translate to www.mydomain.com/it (?)
      7) adding different structures( pages) in each sub site (yes)

      Is it the rigth tools for these aims?