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    Road Map

    Rhema Nelson Newbie

      Is there a release road map set for GateIn yet?



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          Thomas Heute Master

          Not yet, but the rough estimate for GA is December.
          We will be releasing Beta2 soon.

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            null null Newbie

            Any update on the Roadmap?

            Any update for existing users of the currently released products by both companies?

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              Thomas Heute Master

              I'm actually about to blog about the roadmap that I planned to announce with the release of Beta 4 next week.


              We are looking for a final version of the project for February.


              Dates have shifted, sorry about that.

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                null null Newbie



                The timing is no problem for us. Take your time, but please explain a bit more how this future product will influence the products of Exo and JBoss Portal. We have currently a JBoss Portal 2.7 installation (still community edition as we are preparing our open source portal strategy and prefer to enter it step by step, because we also have to migrate some rich faces app to the portal 286 stack which will take time). A first commercially supported project from our side could be a supported Portal with a Wiki (that would replace our current Jsfwiki). Unfortunately we currently dont understand the future of JBoss Wiki. How will GateIn influence this?


                Here is a thread regarding the Wiki roadmap... thats also unanswered...



                We really need a Wiki and WCMS strategy and we are closely looking at what JBoss are doing (on their site). It would be also great if this Roadmap would also detail the GateIn WCM and Wiki strategy which is needed by the way to compete against other solutions in the market. This has to be part of the core of a portal stack nowadays to build monumentum or to even only participate...



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                  Thomas Heute Master

                  Careful about Product vs projects. Products are supported, projects aren't


                  JBoss Portal, GateIn are projects

                  EPP (Enterprise Portal Platform is a product)


                  JBoss Wiki is a *project* led by a contributor (Piergiorgio Lucidi), you should ask him through his forum his plan to embrace GateIn (He could also be helped ) but I see that you've already done so.


                  We take a different approach where we don't force a stack up the throat (it doesn't prevent from having a favorite one). We are open to all verticals as we are open to the OS, about AS we have one of choice as we can more deeply integrate with JBoss AS and it's features. GateIn provides an aggregation framework (same as JBoss Portal that made its success) it's doesn't aim to be a Sharepoint alike.

                  We keep a lightweight approach where you can add on what we provide. It also makes sure we provide what people need to extend the portal.


                  We will more likely be open to partners to integrate with existing solutions instead of reinventing the wheels. For example, as a WCM solution you could work with eXo, Alfresco, Magnolia, Nuxeo... The CMIS spec makes this easier, several companies are already doing so.