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    Transfer portal configuration from jboss to tomcat

    supermario Newbie


      I started using GateIn with JBoss. But on my old machine the JBoss is simply to "big". It takes me 8 minutes to start jboss and jboss slows down my system while running. So I moved to tomcat, because I also don't need EJB container and tomcat starts in 25 seconds.

      So my question: Is it possible to transfer all my portal configurations (sites, users, navigation menu entries, layout definitions,..) to the tomcat installation? I know that GateIn uses the internal database "HSQLDB" for storing these data, but copying the files ../temp/data/exodb*.* to the tomcat temp/data didn't work.

      Perhaps there is a administration feature inside the portal where I can export and import such portal settings?

      BTW: On a productive system, should I change this HSQLDB datasource of GateIn to a real database? Or is it intend to let the HSQLDB ds as it is?