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    Transfer portal configuration from jboss to tomcat

    supermario Newbie


      I started using GateIn with JBoss. But on my old machine the JBoss is simply to "big". It takes me 8 minutes to start jboss and jboss slows down my system while running. So I moved to tomcat, because I also don't need EJB container and tomcat starts in 25 seconds.

      So my question: Is it possible to transfer all my portal configurations (sites, users, navigation menu entries, layout definitions,..) to the tomcat installation? I know that GateIn uses the internal database "HSQLDB" for storing these data, but copying the files ../temp/data/exodb*.* to the tomcat temp/data didn't work.

      Perhaps there is a administration feature inside the portal where I can export and import such portal settings?

      BTW: On a productive system, should I change this HSQLDB datasource of GateIn to a real database? Or is it intend to let the HSQLDB ds as it is?

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          rafael liu Newbie

          You definiely shouldn't use HSQLDB in production. It's there just for a quick start launch. Dumping your DB won't work in case you use some storage policies (which is the default) for storing BLOB data outsite DB, in FileSystem. In that case try coping all /temp folder.

          There's also a more intrusive way to do that, but you must be ok with that. Tell us what you came up with.