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    Passivation to database

    Chris Riddick Newbie

      Apologies if I have posted this to the wrong group.
      Where I work, till recently we used an old in-house written EJB container. When SFSBeans were passivated, the container serialized the beans and wrote them to the database as a blob. Because the database was on a remote machine accessed via a 16Mbit Token ring, the performance of just moving that data to and from the database was noticable. NB Some of our SFSBeans were a bit large!! (not recommended)
      Anyway, we made a simple modification to the passivation mechanism whereby it 'gzip'ped the serialized byte array before sending it over the wire to the db. This made a huge improvement to scalability.
      I don't know if JBoss does this already or whether it could make use of this at all.