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    Ant j2ee-deploy task plugin needed

    David Jencks Master

      Ant 1.5 is going to have a j2ee-deploy task, with plugins for different app servers. We need to contribute a JBoss 3 plugin REALLY SOON: with luck we are not too late.

      Aside from figuring out what the relevant ant code is, from the JBoss perspective this is really easy. The testsuite's org.jboss.test.jbossTestServices has some code that does this already. You have to get the RMI adapter to the appropriate jboss's mbean server, and invoke deploy or undeploy on the MainDeployer mbean.

      The hard part here is going to be figuring out the ant documentation and submission requirements. I'm happy to provide code advice but may well not have time and persistence to negotiate the ant requirements.

      Hoping for volunteers...
      david jencks