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    New XADataSource wrapper needed for 3.0

    David Jencks Master

      We need a new jca wrapper for jdbc XADataSources for JBoss 3. The current one is under the wrong license and generally sucks. I think this can be done fairly easily by modifying the (new) LocalTransaction jdbc wrapper. It would be easiest for someone with access to a real implementation of XADataSource.

      Some implementation details:

      The Connections need to be wrapped in order to support ManagedConnection.associateConnection. I think the LocalConnection will work fine.

      I'm not sure if LocalManagedConnection and LocalManagedConnectionFactory are reusable. It is quite possible a superclass would be appropriate.

      If anyone is interested in this I'm happy to discuss it further.

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          Jamie Burns Newbie

          Hi David.

          I would be interested in working with you on this.

          (This will be my first sortie into open source. Do you mind doing some hand holding?)

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            David Jencks Master

            Thanks for your interest. I just wrote the new adapter, but so far it is not tested at all (I don't have a XADataSource implementation to use). So far it's only in cvs head.

            After we find out if the basic adapter works, we should write extensions for each vendor's XADataSource to expose the configurable properties directly (this is very easy) and work around idiosyncrasies of their xa implementation.

            Anything you want to do along these lines would be great. I look at the jca forum more often that this one, so that or the dev list would be the best place to continue this discussion.