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    Missing figure in JBoss 3.0 documentation

    Gary Mok Newbie

      A taker is here!

      The Flash App run so far as monitor.
      The code smell and the flash client is terrible slow. It is not possible to view all Mbeans in a -all jboss start, until the perfomance is so slow. (Flash xml parser sux)

      Believe me i use every free hour to work on it, but that are very few right know.

      BUT The flash client is just a joke.
      I plan to write a real gui based on the eclipse palttform. It should provide intepend views to the jmx server and filters.

      In far future it can provide too a interface to access ejbs. (a dynamic client)
      But this is more a moonshadow releated project.

      feel free to join me.. ;)