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    Bugs? About LinkageError

    green_grass123 Newbie

      When I re-deploy the *.ear, an error, namely LinkageError, appears. Can you tell me what's matter?

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          Damian Murphy Newbie

          This seems to be a rather complicated issue that is hard to diagnose, hence the lack of good solutions to the problem.

          The work-around that we have found uses the following steps:
          (Using JBoss-3.0 packaged with Tomcat 4.0.3 - apologies if this doesn't work for others)

          1. Shutdown JBOSS
          2. Re-Deploy your .jar, .war, or .ear whatever.
          3. Delete the $JBOSS_HOME/catalina/work directory
          4. Restart JBOSS.

          I've actually added a line to my run.sh script that automatically deletes the catalina/work directory every time JBOSS starts.

          I've noticed it other threads that some people with this people are using Struts, as we are.

          It's not elegant, but it works.

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            Oyvind Johansen Newbie

            In my case the problem (bug??) was having the same Struts library in different components (EJB and War).

            I solved it by moving the Struts jars to the server/lib directory...

            Anybody knows if there's a more elegant workaround?