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    MLET for Calendaring/Scheduling

    sguthrie Newbie

      Hi there,

      Is there an area for us to post about jboss-friendly open source projects?

      I've written an MLET for processing iCalendar format files periodically (uses similar code to the hot deployer). This is useful for sites that use Evolution as their calendar client and wish to publish free/busy files (RFC2445) to a web server for group scheduling by evolution users or even outlook users.

      Since I love jboss, I've written it using the excellent mlet spec. Currently is deploys nicely in 2.4x, when I get the chance I'll deploy in in 3.x.

      If this is useful to incorporate into jboss or just to link to, please tell me how.

      Otherwise, it's LGPL code so please feel free to take/use/improve.


      Stuart Guthrie

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          Alexandre Rocha Lima e Marcondes Newbie

          I opened the URL you have sent on your post and it really interested me ...

          Please explain me some points that I still have doubts ... Your project is integrated with JBoss using MBeans, so what is this integration useful for in a project? As I understood (I may be worng, but) your project has some part of its code in Shell scripts and is started by CRON ...

          I could help, but I'm afraid your project runs a little off my needs ... I would need a input independent, output independent style of bean ...

          Essentialy I must have in my project some way to input data from databases (need to have some kind of descriptors and not be hardcoded) and the output should be some kind of XML or an actual iCal file ...

          Do you think, maybe your project could be of any help (at least to start my way) into this iCal stuff?