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    where to place jar files

    shivaulagam shivaulagam Newbie


      i am new to jboss.

      i have download jboss-3.0.2 and directly unzipped in to my system. i set the path as follows

      set PATH=c:\jboss-3.0.2\jboss-3.0.2;c:\jboss-3.0.2\jboss-3.0.2\bin;c:\jboss-3.0.2\jboss-3.0.2\lib;%PATH%
      set JAVA_HOME=c:\jdk1.3
      set PATH=c:\javasample;%PATH%

      set CLASSPATH=c:\jboss-3.0.2\jboss-3.0.2\lib;%CLASSPATH%
      set CLASSPATH=c:\jboss-3.0.2\jboss-3.0.2\lib\myjar.jar;%CLASSPATH%
      set CLASSPATH=c:\jboss-3.0.2\jboss-3.0.2\server\default\lib\myjar.jar;%CLASSPATH%

      i can browse the default page when i type http://localhost:8080/invoker

      and i can create a servlet class and keep it under web-inf/classes folder i do can browse the servlet with the url http://localhost:8080/invoket/servlet/servletname>

      i need to know the followings :-

      where should i keep (under which directroy)

      1] java classes (direct java classes files to access by jsp or html files
      2] jar files (contains java classes)
      3] ejb files


      i have created one war file (my own application) and placed it under deploy folder. sometimes it is working with the url http://localhost:8080/myApp but on the sudden it is not woking.

      is there any procedure are there ? and also i wanted to know to use the jndi service for database

      i am very thankful to you for helping me in this regard

      thank you for your kindness

      good day,