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    Initial Build Failure

    Brian Newbie

      Hi I am trying to get the JBoss source to build, but all I get is this error when I run the build.sh script:
      Searching for build.xml ...
      Buildfile: /Users/jbproject/jbosssrc/jboss-3.0.3/src/build/build.xml


      Error reading project file

      Total time: 1 second

      I have been trying to solve this for some time and have searched all the forums looking for an answer, but have had no luck.
      Can anyone help?

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          Brian Newbie

          OK I got it to compile. I didn't do a damn thing but leave it alone and work on something else for a few hours, but it compiles. At least to a point. Now i get this error:
          [mkdir] Created dir: /Users/lipab/jboss-backups/jboss-3.0.3-src/system/output/classes
          [javac] Compiling 61 source files to /Users/lipab/jboss-backups/jboss-3.0.3-src/system/output/classes
          /Users/lipab/jboss-backups/jboss-3.0.3-src/system/src/main/org/jboss/deployment/SubDeployerSupport.java:98: cannot resolve symbol
          symbol : variable OBJECT_NAME
          location: interface org.jboss.deployment.MainDeployerMBean

          followed by 11 others all looking for OBJECT_NAME.
          I've looked in MainDeployerMBean and there is no OBJECT_NAME variable in it or any of the classes it extends.
          How to solve this one so the server compiles correctly?
          Incidentally I had this same problem with the 3.0.2 source and never figured it out or found a solution anywhere.
          Thanks for any help offered,

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            Weston M. Price Newbie

            I believe questions like this belong in the Installation - Configuration forum.