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    SRP stops working if client fails to logout.

    Michael L. Gantz Newbie


      I have a client application that logs into JBoss using SRP. If the application logouts from the login context there is no problem. But, if the application crashes with an exception and doesn't log out, it can't log back into JBoss. I have to shut down JBoss and restart before the client application can authenticate again.

      I have created a custom VerifierStore and a custom LoginModule, these are chained together with the SRPService being marked as optional, my security domain works for both client and web. The SRPService is passing the creds through the Map into my custom login module. But, when things fail these don't show up, so I think this is an SRP problem.

      If anybody has any pointers I would greatly appreciate them, otherwise I'm gonna be diving into unfamiliar code!