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    Certificate->Role mapping

    R.W. Shore Newbie

      The attached code is a LoginModule that is the client-cert equivalent of UserRolesLoginModule. That is, this class uses a properties file to specify the mapping between a certificate and a set of roles. If you'd like to include some variant of this in the JBoss baseline code, let me know what changes you'd like me to make.

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          Roland Ettema Newbie


          I am thinking of connection this loginmodule to the ejbca project. All the certificates are written in LDAP or a database in the ejbca project. They have ejb's to manage the certificates so they could verify them too.

          EJBCA is a CA environment with a webinterface, it is in a stable/production phase and I think ideal for this purpose.

          EJBCA is a SourceForge project !

          Do you like this proposal

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