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    possibilities for improvement of JBoss

    Bernhard Löwenstein Newbie


      I am a J2EE-developer and user of JBoss.

      During my work I noticed some possiblities to improve the JBoss project:

      1. The forum search returns the founded entries without a context between these (and without the number of replies). I think it will be better to show also the context between the entries and the number of replies:

      e.g. If there will be find the entries
      "Invalid transaction id", "RE: Invalid transaction id" and "somthing other" then today it is shown as

      "Invalid transaction id"
      "somthing other"
      "RE: Invalid transaction id"


      "Invalid transaction id" (replies 1)
      +-- "RE: Invalid transaction id"
      "somthing other" (replies 10)

      With this context/number of replies the user will find faster the information he is looking for.

      2. The documentation to JBoss is not sufficient. It took me 1 day to get information about the JmsXA-JCA (the forum helps me). I have the "QuickStartGuide 3.0" and the "JBoss Administration and Development"-eBook, but there you can't find corresponding/sufficient information.

      3. I need an usable JBoss-JBuilder-OpenTool. Present I use the voyager opentool but this tool doesn't make me happy. What about a new JBoss sub-project (developing such an tool)?

      At the end I want to say that I am really satisfied with JBoss, and my criticism is just to improve JBoss!

      Best regards, may be the source with you, Bernhard.

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          1. There is a forum rewrite in the works

          2. Documentation is hard. We're all coders, not technical writers, glad you found your answer in forums (if you need quick responses you can always purchase support contract)

          3. I use jEdit. It makes me happy. It forces me to write all my code by hand (and it IS better than VI)

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            Richard Barrington Newbie

            Re 2) Yes, Documentation IS hard, but that's why the docs aren't free right? I bought the e-books, and was not real happy about the quality - too much is assumed to be intuited by the reader, and too much is just not in there at all. It's better than nothing, but I actually think the Getting Started Guide is more useful/comprehensive.

            I've seen the "purchase a support contract" line a few times too many. It's not good when you pay for docs then you get told, sorry, you'll have to pay for support - how much better will this be? After all, the docs were supposed to be good. Like the e-books, you don't know until you spend the money... and then it's too late.

            -- end rant

            My constructive idea for improving them: Pay someone. Find good tech writer(s), and double your doco prices to cover the costs. I'd happily pay more for quality docs.

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              Nick Pavlica Newbie

              I agree, quality documentation is a must! And I would pay more for it. Additionally, the e-commerce service that sells the e-books is horrible. I hope this is changed or upgraded in the future.