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    I want to contribute a workflow/BPM engine

    Tom Baeyens Master


      "tom.baeyens" wrote:
      "tom.baeyens" wrote:
      Hi, I have wrote a business process management tool (http://jbpm.org)
      Some time ago I though it could be a win-win situation if I'ld offer the tool to be incorporated into JBoss.
      JBoss would benefit in my opinion because a BMP-system is a higher level extension of an app-server. Most of the commercial vendors have such an offering.
      jBpm would benefit because it gets a higher visibility.

      At that time, I asked the JBoss group and they said it was not a good idea because of their relations with commercial BPM-vendors like oakgrove & webmethods.
      Since I have only recently discovered that the JBoss group and the JBoss developer community have some very distinct points if interest, I'm asking the JBoss developer community now :

      Do you think that offering a BPM-module with JBoss is a good idea ?
      Do you think jBpm would be a good base to start from ?