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    Quest for Jboss Fame and Commit Access

    Jeff Prickett Newbie

      Hello everyone,

      My name is Jeff Prickett and I am searching open source fame and fortune. OK maybe just commit access. I have found jboss solid and would like to get involved with the project.

      I was previously involved with a calendaring effort at jakarta.apache.org, but due to time constraints it got put on the backburner. . I am an independent programmer (read unemployed or barely employed) now and my time is my own.

      I still have commit over at jakarta on a number of projects, but think that the calendaring application needs an EJB container and I have a motto. I wont use open source software unless I can fix the bugs in it. Otherwise there is no advantage to using it :).

      OK so maybe I will use jboss even if I dont get commit but fixing a bug is much better than working around it. Open source even makes that easier because you can see whats causing the problem.

      Where could everyone use the most help. Bug numbers would be nice. I will get started on it. Or feature requests. I have a few of those myself

      Take it easy. Cant wait to fully appreciate the ZEN of jboss.

      Jeff Prickett (ie Quickdraw)