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    IBM 1.4.0 JDK Incompatability

    Dennis Cartier Newbie


      I recently decided to try the IBM 1.4.0 JDK on Linux again with the new versions of JBoss (3.0.7 & 3.2.0). I have tried using this in the past with older versions of JBoss but was stopped very early on in the boot process.

      Now JBoss boots fine, yay!, but it seems IBM decided not to implement the "SHA1PRNG" algorithm. Doh!

      After doing a bit of checking I have found that IBM has implemented an "IBMSecureRandom" (based on MD5 rather than SHA1).

      I checked and JBoss appears to only use the SHA1PRNG in ~6 files, at least for 3.0.6, I do not have the 3.0.7 source handy.

      So I was thinking, I could just hard code the algorithm selection to the IBM version, or perhaps we could include a bit more logic into the source and make the selection a compile time definition. Perhaps defaulting to the SUN version.

      I also want to check to see if you specify the provider as 'SUN' if it will actuallly be able to find the SHA1PRNG even on the IBM JDK. Currently the code does not specify a provider.

      Heck we could even have the code attempt the Sun version first and then try the IBM one if an exception is thrown.

      I am reasonably new at Java, what does everyone else think?