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    Wrote Entity-Command for DB2 Identity Column - how to contri

    Daniel Wintschel Newbie


      "humandoing" wrote:
      I have written an entity-command for use with DB2 (tested on JBoss 3.2.2 and DB2 8.1) that utilizes the IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL() function (DB2 specific) to retrieve and populate the primary key field of an entity bean during the create process. This works with tables in DB2 that have been created with an IDENTITY column.

      This is a small, typical subclass of JDBCIdentityColumnCreateCommand, and I am wondering if I could contribute it to the Group? If someone who has "Authority" :) would like to drop it into the repository, I would be more than happy to email it to them.

      Let me know, I'll be watching this topic.