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    reRender is not working as expected

    richfacesuser richfacesuser Newbie

      I have a a4j event for onRowClick on a rich:datatable. when there is a event of rowclick I am able to rerender the values to another column in the same datatable, but rerendering to a inputfield outside datatable is not working
      Any suggestions.

      code snippet

      <a4j:support event="onRowClick" action="#{master.check}" reRender="onrow"/>

      <h:inputText id="onrow" value="#{master.checked}" />

      <h:inputText id="onrow" value="#{master.checked}" /> ...

      In the above snippet, the <h:inputText field in <rich:columne is updated on a rowclick but the h:inputText after the datatable is not updated.
      Is reRender works to one only specific component like dataTable.
      Can it be used across different components on the same page