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    Cleanup and documentation of thirdparty contents

    Scott Stark Master

      There is way too much garbage in the thirdparty directory and insufficient
      documentation of what version is being used. If you were the last commiter of thirdparty component X you need to provide:

      A README.txt file containing:
      NAME: The common name of the component (e.g., Log4j)
      VERSION: The version of the component (e.g., log4j-1.2.8)
      PROJECT: The home page/location from which the jars can be obtained
      (e.g., http://logging.apache.org). If the version is from a sourcecode respository provide the full command necessary to obtain the source.
      PURPOSE: Why do we need this component (e.g., Used as the common logging
      framework implementation)

      A LICENSE.txt file containing the license info for the jars

      For any thirdparty stuff with redundant functionality there needs to be
      justification as to why two ways of doing function X needs to exist.