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    3.2.4 Release Tasks

    Scott Stark Master

      The following tasks need to be completed before the 3.2.4 release can be finalized. If there are other tasks, post them here along with the status and I'll integrate them into this summary post.

      Bug [ 925421 ] post data does not transit form based container logon, assigned to Remy: COMPLETED
      Update of jgroups to use commons logging, assigned to Bela: COMPLETED
      Add support for depends in jboss-web.xml, assigned to Scott
      [ 909473 ] NullPointerException in LoadMgr3, assigned to Scott

      [ 860175 ] NotSerializableException when using "twiddle" for a XMBean, assigned to Scott: COMPLETED

      [ 936465 ] JCA layer has invalid assumption about Log4jLoggerPlugin, assigned to Scott: COMPLETED

      Add support for bean level TX timeouts: COMPLETED

      [ 890030 ] SimpleTimer is an inefficient use of resources - COMPLETED

      Need to look at upgrading to axis1.2 from head to address some issues like wsdl including all service types.

      Need to make hasingleton-deploy work like the farm, i.e. deployments are copied
      across the cluster.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Hi Ivelin,

          The idea is to add support for CMT transaction time-out config in jboss.xml
          Something like:


          You can use TransactionManager.setTransactionTimeout() to set the thread local
          to accomplish this, but...
          There is no portable mechanism to reset the value.
          You cannot get the previous value or the default value.

          This would require an alternate interface on our TxManager
          and probably just drop the feature when a third party transaction manager
          does not implement the interface.

          public interface org.jboss.tm.TransactionManagerExtensions
          long getTransactionTImeout()

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            Adrian Brock Master

            CMT transaction timeout overrides is done.

            It is configured using method attributes in jboss.xml (values are in seconds), e.g.


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              Adrian Brock Master

              5 tests to fix in 3.2 testsuite

              Is timing out - not investigated

              Is failing because Tomcat is returning a String when it should be returning an ObjectName
              See Bug#961330

              Is failing because there is no login-config setup for "http-invoker"

              Is failing because the Name is changed by the NamingContext

              Is failing because the two serialized handles are different. This looks to be
              something in the load balancing policy (possibly the new birth target?).
              When I drill down into the Object graph they look the same (except for
              different instances) but they do have different serialized bytes.