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    SNMP adaptor

    Qiming He Newbie

      Hi folks:

      Some quick questions and thoughts:

      Q1: Is snmp-adaptor still under development? Or it is totally delisted because it is not 'hot'?

      Q2: Any plan to write a free & full-fledged snmp-adptor that is equivlient to the one offered by Adventnet?

      Q3: What is the process if people want to contribute some features w/o fixing some bugs first to show their skill level?


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          Bill Burke Master

          I think our adapter is still being implemented and shipping with JBoss. I believe our snmp adaptor is a thirdparty library.

          You do not have to fix bugs before contributing to show your skill level. New feature/code submissions are also accepted as well. If they are good after we do a quick review, we give you access.

          Please consult Dimitris or Sacha for more information on contributing to this adaptor:

          "Dimitris Andreadis" <andd@intracom.gr>




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            Dimitris Andreadis Master

            1) It's still under development and there is a good chance it will get more active soon :) It certainly depends on how much people need it, too.

            2) You need quite a few man/months of development to get to the commercial level, in terms of features. The target remains though to create useful server/side infrastructure, so for example, don't expect to see a full/fledged SNMP manager GUI.

            3) If you have ideas or want to help, let me know.


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              Chris Buckley Newbie

              I would like to help on this project, I am a HP OpenView Network Node Manager Administrator, and have a very good understanding of Network Management Systems. I would like to start on a Topology/Mapping service. All good Network Management Systems provide Inventory management as well as Layer 3 management, OpenView seems to the best at graphing and organizing the data. I would like to use JGraph (www.jgraph.org) to help me implement the mapping and organizing of inventory into logical containers. I was thinking web start application would be a great fit for this.

              Just an idea for one piece of the NMS puzzle, still need to work on a trap service (receive traps), an snmp collect service (collect and analyze thresholds), a network monitoring service (icmp connectivity, topology changes), I can think of a few other things that would be nice but, this would get the core done.

              How can I help?

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                Dimitris Andreadis Master

                This thread was about the snmp-adaptor, but I guess, you are talking about an NMS framework...

                Just to let you know there is a primitive trapd service in jboss, used mainly for debugging the adapter.

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                  Chris Buckley Newbie

                  Sorry about getting off topic, Dimitris would you be interested in pursuing a NMS framework built using JBoss?

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                    Dimitris Andreadis Master

                    I don't have the time for this right now. In any case, have you also though of re-using and integrating OpenNMS to manage jboss?

                    An NMS framework is quite a big thing, honestly! I've participated in such a task in the commercial world in the past and can easilly take many man years of development.


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                      Nadilson Ferreira Newbie


                      How could I help to implement the snmp-adaptor?