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    Where are the UML Diagrams?

    ca_cise Newbie

      Hey guys,

      I work for a university and would like our students to have access to JBoss. Because of security issues any student who wants to deploy something with JBoss must run their own instance of the server. This could lead to 2 or more JBoss servers running on the same machine. What I would like to do is change the jboss-services.xml file a bit.

      For a mbean you can give the port number to use for a service. I would like to change it to something like 4444-4455 for the port number instead of just 4444. This way the server will use a port within the given range. So my question is where is the jboss-service.xml parser located at? And where are all the UML Diagrams outlining this project if any?