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    3.2.7 Release Tasks

    Scott Stark Master

      We plan on doing a 3.2.7 release within a couple of weeks, curently targetd at Nov 19th to address some jdk 5.0 and jdk 1.3 issues in the 3.2 codebase.
      This topic is a list of the issues to be complete for the 3.2.7 release.

      Bugs item #1050864, Can't init MessageCounterHistoryDayLimit at deployment time, Assigned to: Adrian Brock, Status: In Progress

      Bugs item #1046450, java 5 and iiop format version error, Assigned to: Scott, Status: COMPLETE

      Bugs item #1052254, XMBean 1.0 parsing notification bug, Assigned to: Dimitris, Status: COMPLETE

      Bugs item #1048467, MMBs do not emit AttributeChangeNotification to Listeners, Assigned to: Dimitris, Status: COMPLETE

      Bugs item #1042176, JBoss.net doesn't work with jboss-3.2.6RC2 and jboss-4.0.0, Assigned to: Thomas Diesler, Status: COMPLETE

      Get the testuite running completely under jdk5.0, Assigned to Scott Stark. Status: In Progress, down to 14 errors out of 1881 tests