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    Context menu in TreeNode, (oncontextmenu help)


      Sorry for my english.

      I'm trying to implement a contextMenu (rigth-click), on Tree nodes.

      I see the property "oncontextmenu", but I find a bit problem.

      With other onXXX (onClick, onMouseDown), I can do:


      function myFunction(e){
      // e is a Event object


      I need get, the Event object because, I would like to do, something like this:

      <rich:treeNode type="organism" oncontextmenu="showFileContextMenu(event); return false;">

      function showFileContextMenu(e){
       var left = Event.pointerX(e)+'px';
       var top = Event.pointerY(e)+'px';
       var element = $('menu'); // div with the UI menu
       element.setStyle({left: left, top: top, position: 'absolute'});

      But I get an error in : showFileContextMenu(event)
      event is undefined, don't exist.

      How can I do something similar?