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    Adrian Brock Master

      This is the third time in the last few weeks I've seen my changes
      getting lost by people who just copy files between versions.

      In particular copying 3.2.x to 4.0.x or HEAD.

      4.0.x and HEAD are more developed than 3.2.x.
      You cannot just copy files from 3.2.x without running the risk
      of changes getting lost.

      This will become more and more important now that the 3.2.x branch
      is mainly just bug fixes.

      Name and Shame:
      which later made it into server.xml in HEAD in the refactoring.

      But this is not the only offence, others are doing it as well.

          Scott Stark Master

          This looks like a change I made, but I do merges, and looking at the cvs diff its likely that this is what I thought the result should be. I guess the real issue here is that if there are differences in the files that should be maintained across merges that these be better documented. There should also probably be a note in a notification forum is a potentially conflicting change is made just to bring it to everyones attention.

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            Adrian Brock Master

            In this case there was no reason why jboss-3.2.x wasn't in synch with jboss4

            But I think it is infeasable to try to record which sources differ between 3.2.x
            and jboss 4.
            Even if we did, I can guarantee it wouldn't be maintained accurately or always referred to.

            This is the purpose of cvs diff anyway.