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    Automatized Converting Application (.ear file)  from Sun J2E

    Balint Reczey Newbie

      I've started working on a small application (Java + XSLT) that converts an .ear file created for working on Sun J2ee Reference Implementetation to an .ear file that can be deployed and used on JBoss AS 3.2.6.
      I needed it for a development chain like this:
      Rational XDE -> sun.ear -> jboss.ear -> run on JBoss AS
      The converter application can be easily improved to work with different source and target .ear formats.
      Currently the the converted .ear files deploys on JBoss AS, and needs testing if the conversion works correctly (and need GPL license notice in every source file ;)).
      I think it could be included in the JBoss source tree since simple migration
      from other AS-s is an important feature of an OS AS.
      If You are interested in that converter, please contact me or discuss it in in this topic!

      Balint Reczey