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    joesnmp modified source code

    Arie Ozarov Newbie

      Where can find the source code of JBoss version joesnmp library?
      I modified the library myself and want to include the changes made by JBoss.
      Is there a recommended way of doing so?

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          Dimitris Andreadis Master

          The source code can be found at sourceforge:


          In cooperation with OpenNMS (the original creators of the library) we have forked joesnmp as in independent project in order to maintain it's LGLP license. The version you'll find at sourceforge (v0.3.0) is more or less the natural successor of v0.2.6, the last LGPL version.

          So just grab the source from there and make your changes. If you have a bug fix or something useful to add, let us know.

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            Arie Ozarov Newbie

            Looking at JBoss CVS I see:
            joesnmp.jar 1.6 4 months andd joesnmp v0.3.3 with minor fixes
            Just wondered what the ?minor fixes? are?

            I already modified the code from http://sourceforge.net/projects/joesnmp and applied the following changes:
            1. Enabling the SnmpSessionHandler to know about the caller by setting the right peer information.
            2. Fixed SnmpPortal to work correctly with the ThreadPool (fast executers). It was calling wait(100) without holding a lock (which of course triggers IllegalMonitorStateException) . I actually changed to code to make it cleaner instead of having a magic wait value of "200".
            3. Modified SnmpPortal to enable setting the receive/send buffers
            4. Removed the use of the Cleanup task by utilizing the callbacks to from SnmpRequest to update the session. (I left the task just for protection though I am pretty sure it is not needed anymore)
            5. If a Peer was given in the send command then the session considers only its IP address and port but not its community strings. So I fixed that.
            6. Enable the SnmpSession to use the SnmpPortal with thread pool (just added a new constructor).
            7. Optimized BerEncoder
            8. Replaced SnmpTimer with a more scalable code (not using linear search) (which is JVM 1.2 compatible as the previous one). In that respect I also modified SnmpSession to use a better structure then LinkedList for m_requests.

            I use the modified code to collect from 100K devices periodically and it looks pretty good so far (it is running for weeks now).
            I will be more then happy to incorporate any of those changes back to joesnmp source code.

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              Dimitris Andreadis Master

              Here's the full history:


              It seems you've done some serious fixes there! Send me a private email, I'll try to get you rw access to joesnmp...

              Good stuff!

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                Muralidharan Narayanan Newbie

                My search for open source free SNMP JAVA APIs led me to joesnmp and search on joesnmp led me to jBoss. I am wondering what version of open source free JBoss I should get in order to use joesnmp.
                We are planning to include SNMP agent side application in a developed product and also subsequently have 3rd party manager application communicate and interface with our agent application. Please let me know whatever essential to start with this. I am new all SNMP but determined to get the point of deployment.

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                  Dimitris Andreadis Master

                  You shouldn't post user questions to the jboss development forums.

                  Your question has been answered to a user forum: