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    I have a problem with template

    Alejandro Alejandro Newbie

      that is my code in de file *.xml.vm




      <depends optional-attribute-name="DestinationManager">$DestinationManager

      <depends optional-attribute-name="SecurityManager">$SecurityManager


      #foreach($role in $SecurityRoles)
      <role name="#firstToken($role ':')" #ifDefReplace($role "read" 'read="true"') #ifDefReplace($role "write" 'write="true"') #ifDefReplace($role "create" 'create="true"')/>


      that is my code in de file template.xml


      <template-config template="vm/jms-queue.xml.vm" extension="-service.xml">
      <!-- if type not specified, java.lang.String is assumed -->
      <!-- a value must be supplied at runtime, or an exception will be thrown -->

      <!-- if a value is not supplied at runtime, the default will be used -->

      The ObjectName of the DestinationManager factory to be used




      my proble is the following:

      Exception : java.lang.Exception: Required property missing: 'TopicName' of type 'java.lang.String'

      I want to make Queue and Topic, but I have a the avobe proble, the type of property TopicName. Please Help ME!!

      see soon