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    Problem with building jboss-head

    Sunitha Kambhampati Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am new to jboss. I want to run some tests,so I checked out the source and did the following steps to build.

      cvs co jboss-head
      cd jboss-head/build

      I am using Sun 1.4.2 jvm. The build fails with the following message.

      [rmic] RMI Compiling 1 class to C:\workghm\Projects\jboss\jboss-head\remoti

      C:\workghm\Projects\jboss\jboss-head\tools\etc\buildmagic\buildmagic.ent:641: Error starting SUN rmic:

      I tried to check the WIKI, and FAQ but didnt find much information. It is possible that I may have missed to look someplace else ?

      I'd appreciate any help/pointers in this regard.

      Thanks much,