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    Getting Started

    Geoff Seel Newbie

      I'm trying to follow the path suggested but of course things move on so naturally the guides get a bit out of date.

      I've downloaded the source (JBoss-4.0.3SP1) and successfully built and fired up a JBoss server. I've gone through the documentation on using Eclipse, things have changed - there seem to be more projects and some generate errors (jmx-remoting, media and testsuite for me). That document stops short of telling you how to fire up the server from Eclipse (or are you not meant to?).

      After that I guess I start looking at some bugs, any projects where that is most helpful at the moment? Any guide on how to get acquainted with the architecture of individual projects?

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          Geoff Seel Newbie

          Doesn't seem a busy forum then.

          If anyone else is following the course the next stage with Eclipse is to set up a Java application under the Run/Debug menu that uses the Build project set up in Eclipse as its base, executes org.jboss.main and includes all the other projects into the source tree. That seems to get JBoss running in debug mode in Eclipse.

          Is it all a test to see how keen people are?

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            Scott Stark Master

            The project pages off of the website are the best starting point for project specific info, and yes, you have to be this tall to ride.