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    New Jboss development

    ma qujun Newbie

      hi all,
      I want to develop a new function of jboss making jboss can deploy *.web file just like deploy *.war file. I spend a lot of times to check the source codes. But that's too complex. Can anyone give me any suggestion about where to begin?

      thanks for any replay !

      best regard

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          Scott Stark Master

          org.jboss.web.AbstractWebContainer defines the default suffixes. This change be changed via the tomcat xmbean descriptor.

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            ma qujun Newbie

            Thanks for your replay.
            Now, I have created a new my own deployer to deploy *.web file. But right now I face another problem that I want to use my own classloader to load jar file from my own maven repository replaced by getting jar files from lib folder. In fact, I have created a mavenClassloader. But I can't find a place to put my classloader inside jboss. would you mind to tell me where to put a new classloader to jboss?

            Thanks so much.