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    Concern in deploying Jboss rule on an application server

    richards r Newbie


      I did download Jboss rules from Jboss.com, tried installing it following the user's guide which is downloaded from the same site.

      But, faced some problems carrying out step 2.3 (source check out), user's guide.

      -couldnt checkout the source files from "http://anonsvn.labs.jboss.com/labs/jbossrules/trunk/" using TortoiseSVN. It was throwing an error - ERROR 400, bad request.

      Anyways, I went ahead with the downloads from Jboss.org and was successfull in genereating the eclipse project and exporitng the deployable IDE plugin.

      A sample drools project was ceated as per the guide and a rule was successfully executed (Using eclipse).

      Now I want to deploy the same rule on Jboss application server; with some other business applications (inegrating with a business application on the server). As I am very new to Jboss rules, I wish to have a detailed or step by step tutorial to carry out the same.

      Can anyone please send me a link to such a tutorial which explains in a step by step manner,

      - How Jboss application sever can be configured to deploy a Jboss rule on it, with a business application and how can I deploy or integrate the rule to it.

      I mean adding a rule to a rule repository, configuring the server to get
      connected to that reopsitory and how a rule can be fired to a business application or rather how it can be invoked from a business application.

      An explantion which guides me through to carry out the above steps is also highly appreciable

      Hoping to get a quick response,
      Many thanks in advance,