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    Vinod Hariharan Newbie

      Dear All,
      I am a new comer to this community. At present i am working/evaluating on one prestigious project, where every thing is going to work under open source platform, even the desktops will be on linux flavour.

      I require help from the community for the following.
      1. I am going to have 3 databases, PostgreSQL,DB2 and oracle.
      2. The business layer is one and same for all the databases, which contain unique name space.
      3.I will use any of the open source reporting tools for reporting purposes.
      4.I am going to use EJB for building the business logic.
      5.Going to use tomcat as application server.

      During the login to application, system accepts the database for validation.

      My Question.
      How can i write a single business logic for all the databases.
      How can i extract/input data to different databases using single business logic.

      Vinod Hariharan