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    Drools Implementation Issues

    Abdul Jameel Newbie


      I tried Jboss Drools rule Engine. Its really very interesting and tried implementing our business rules using Drools. I found few limitation which i listed below ,

      1. I had uploaded a sample model class which contains member variables, its setter and getter and also few other methods. When i tried to create a Rule using Business Rule Editior, Model class methods with arguments is not listed anywhere in the dropdown.
      If i need to do a condtion check for the uploaded model class method under WHEN block, Business Rule Editior is not displaying.

      2. Option function under Package, whethere it can be called in the business rule editor.

      3. How do i get an update on the ROAD MAP of the Drools Rule Engine which will be very helpful for us to decide and to go with the Drools Implementation.

      4. Also we would like to know the support after implementing the Drools after implementing.

      Please any one answer this at the earliest.

      Thnx & Regards
      Abdul Jameel