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    JBOSS and Windows COM Integration

    Vikram Roopchand Newbie

      Hello There,
      I hope to provide a short background before setting the context for my proposal.

      I am the author of j-Interop - Java COM Middleware (http://www.j-interop.org). This library implements the DCOM protocol published by Microsoft in pure Java thus allowing an application to interoperate with Windows COM components from any platform supporting Java. From Windows OS perspective it behaves just like any other Windows COM client would. It is maintained and released under LGPL.

      Quite a few of our users are working with JBoss AS and using j-Interop as an artifact (servlet or EJB) of their application. Sometime back one of them pointed us to BEA Weblogic jCOM (http://e-docs.bea.com/wls/docs92/jcom/index.html) which provides this functionality of COM interoperability as part of the application server itself. They also mentioned that JBoss already has a similar functionlity wrt CORBA (jbossiiop project).

      To me this sounded like a good usecase of providing support for seamless access to native Windows COM applications from JBoss AS itself.

      I wanted to propose forming a similar component such as jbossiiop for COM access. This component "jbosscom" (if I may take the liberty) would be enabled using j-Interop. I would very much like this to be our contribution to the growing popularity and users of JBoss AS and j-Interop projects respectively.

      I would be grateful for any thoughts, ideas or alternatives you have on this proposal.

      thanks for your time,
      best regards,