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    Jboss Drools - REST

    andrei hernandez Newbie

      Hi everybody.

      I need help. I´m working on Jboss drools version 5, and I´ve created my models and rules in drools-guvnor. I want to consume my rules by using RESTful.
      According to the documentation, I´ve created .properties file, and I put it within the drool-server.war file in the folder "WEB-INF/CLASSES".



      In drools-server home page shows a request-response schema for REST.

      I´m using intalio to consume this service, but when using this service, it shows the following mistake in the log:

      13:03:35,281 ERROR [STDERR] RuleAgent(andrei) INFO (Wed Jun 03 13:03:35 CDT 2009
      ): Configuring package provider : URLScanner monitoring URLs: http://localhost:
      13:03:38,394 INFO [STDOUT] PackageName: andrei
      13:03:38,547 INFO [STDOUT] PackageVersion: andrei_deploy
      13:03:38,548 INFO [STDOUT] PackageIsLatest: false
      13:03:38,548 INFO [STDOUT] PackageIsSource: false
      13:03:39,167 ERROR [STDERR] RuleAgent(andrei) INFO (Wed Jun 03 13:03:39 CDT 2009
      ): Applying changes to the rulebase.
      13:03:39,167 ERROR [STDERR] RuleAgent(andrei) INFO (Wed Jun 03 13:03:39 CDT 2009
      ): Creating a new rulebase as per settings.
      13:03:39,169 ERROR [STDERR] RuleAgent(andrei) INFO (Wed Jun 03 13:03:39 CDT 2009
      ): Adding package called andrei
      13:03:39,880 ERROR [STDERR] com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.ConversionExcept
      ion: tns:queries : tns:queries : tns:queries : tns:queries
      ---- Debugging information ----
      message : tns:queries : tns:queries
      cause-exception : com.thoughtworks.xstream.mapper.CannotResolveClassExceptio
      cause-message : tns:queries : tns:queries
      class : org.drools.server.ServiceRequestMessage
      required-type : org.drools.server.ServiceRequestMessage
      path : /knowledgebase-request/tns:queries
      line number : 3

      Intalio generates the following request-response schema

      <knowledgebase-request xmlns="http://www.example.org/entrada">
      <tns:queries xmlns:tns="http://www.example.org/entrada">
      <tns:queryName />
      <tns:string />
      <tns:string />
      <tns:globals xmlns:tns="http://www.example.org/entrada">
      <tns:id />
      <tns:fact class="">
      <tns:persona />
      <tns:inOutFacts xmlns:tns="http://www.example.org/entrada">
      <tns:id />
      <tns:fact class="">
      <tns:persona />
      <tns:inFacts xmlns:tns="http://www.example.org/entrada">
      <tns:fact class="">
      <tns:persona />
      <tns:result />

      Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot.