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    Famous 'invalid console appender config detected, console st

    Danis Tazeev Newbie


      You must know that many people keep complaining about the message they receive on their consoles 'ERROR: invalid console appender config detected, console stream is looping'. Once this is printed JBoss does not run further. People are spending hours and days to go beyond that issue over and over again.

      I found the reason of that error. I use my own Log4J layout. To print the timestamp I tried to invoke LoggingEvent.getTimeStamp() on the object passed into Layout.format() method. The damn message appeared. Then I change the way I got the timestamp. Now I read the final field LoggingEvent.timestamp. And it works.

      I don't know where the bug exactly is in JBoss. But now you guys have the point starting from which you can unwind the thread.

      Good luck!