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    deploying bpel process using Eclipse

    Prabhabati Moharana Newbie

      We have developed a sample HelloWorld BPEL process using Riftsaw and could able to deploy n test it through ant. But there are some constraints we found while creating our own bpel process like the name space was http://www.jboss.org/bpel/examples/wsdl and except this no other Eclipse provided name space is working (like http://eclipse.org/bpel/sample or http://sample.bpel.org/bpel/sample) and also we are not able to find out all the dependencies of each file like bpel-deploy.xml. While in Eclipse it is providing apache Ode Deployment descriptor(deploy.xml) where we can not rename it. We are bound to use only Opensource technologies. Can any one help us in deploying and running a bpel process through eclipse IDE.
      The tools/ technology we are using are :
      1. Eclipse Ganymade3.4.2
      2. JBOSS 5.1.0 GA
      3. Riftsaw 2.0 M1.
      4. Java 1.6