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    Draft of Testable Architecture Methodology now on the wiki

    Gary Brown Master

      A draft version of the methodology has been added to the wiki.

      This is not a precise definition of the methodology at this stage. Its main purpose is to identify the relevant phases, and steps within those phases, to ensure that when we encode the methodology in Eclipse Process Framework (EPF), that the structure is correct.

      Further refinement of each section will occur, discussing aspects like the inputs and outputs of each step, but the wiki version is primarily intended to facilitate discussion around the various sections. It is not intended as the final documentation for the methodology. This will be produced from the EPF version.

      The methodology can be found at: http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/TestableArchitectureMethodology

      Please feel free to add comments to the relevant sections, and post a pointer to your comments on this forum to direct interested users.