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    Further details on Testable Architecture Methodology steps

    Gary Brown Master

      The Testable Architecture Methodology wiki pages (http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/TestableArchitectureMethodology) have been updated to include a 'Details' section related to each step, with the following three pieces of information:

      repo: This information describes the role of the Repository in the step. This could be in terms of operations performed on the repository, or the way in which the information will be stored in the repository.

      input: This information describes the inputs required by the step.

      output: This information describes the outputs from the step.

      These details are intended to make it clear what are the responsibilities of each step, and how the artifacts from each step relate to each other, in preparation for defining the methodology in the Eclipse Process Framework.

      If any of the input/output or repo details seem incorrect, then please add a comment to the relevant wiki page, and post a note on this forum.