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    Change in Service Oriented Analysis and Design phases

    Gary Brown Master

      Previously the Service Oriented Analysis section had no sub-steps, and was primarily concerned with identifying service candidates. The responsibility for reviewing existing services against the list of service candidates was associated with the Service Oriented Design phase.

      This has now been updated to make the Identify Service Candidate a step within Service Oriented Analysis phase, and moved the Review Existing Services (now renamed Locate Existing Services) step from the Deign to the Service Oriented Analysis section.

      This is because it was felt that when candidates had been found, it was appropriate to identify potential services that could either provide the exact functionality, or be used to help build the required service, as part of the analysis phase. It would then be the job of the Service Designer to examine the potential list of existing services, and determine whether any of them could help in providing the capabilities required of the service candidate, or whether a new service needs to be built.

      The relevant changes can be seen in: