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    Going from 2.4 to 3.0

    Joel Vogt Master

      Just wanted to describe my experience with deploying an app built on 2.4 to jboss 3. After stuffing around with the datasource config for a little bit, everything worked nicely without any redeployment.
      I wanted to mention this because I have been a bit scared to look at 3 as an option fearing too many changes. However I didn't even have to resort to the manual which I think is a big well done to all the jboss guys.

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          Gururajan Newbie

          This is a frequently asked question in the forum. Could anyone please help me out with a document for migrating the components from JBoss 2.4 to JBoss 3.0. Would be interested in deploying EJB's, JSPs, alternative to jboss.jcml file in 2.4.

          Thanks in advance,