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    modalpanel with suggestionbox inside a4j:repeat

    shooali Newbie


      I have a page that includes a modalpanel which in its content there is a h:table with a4j:repeat iterating over a list having one row for each.
      In each row, there is either an inputText or an inputText with a suggestion box.
      Usually there is only one row, which in this case all works fine, typing a text in the input field triggers the suggestionbox that calls the suggest method ... all good. However, when there is more than one row, resulting in two suggestion box in the table, the first one does not work, when typing into the input field the suggest method is not called at all and the old values from the previous suggestion box in the last time I have opened the modal panel. The second suggestion box works fine, and trying the first one again, it also works.

      I have read a post here in the forum that adding

      <a4j:ajaxListener type="org.ajax4jsf.ajax.ForceRender"/>
      will solve it, which it did!!!

      However, adding the above created a new problem that the reRender in the commandbutton used to submit the form in the modal panel before closing it results an error that the "view state couldn't be restored...". searching the forum again, I found a post that looks similar which concluded that it was fixed in a4j1.1.1+rich3.0.1, I use the latest of both and it does not help.

      Please help,


       <td valign="top" align="right">#{messages['PARAM_ASSGNMENT_PAGE.VALUE']}</td>
       <td valign="top">
       <a4j:region id="param_value_region">
       <h:inputText id="param_value" value="#{assignable.value}"
       <h:panelGroup id="param_value_des"
       height="200" width="250"
       <f:param name="assignableWebId" value="#{assignable.webId}"/>
       <h:outputText value="#{paramValueSuggestion}"/>