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    Where to start the learning experience

    ingimar erlingsson Newbie


      Starting to learn EJB 3.0, getting into it and I do like it.
      While learing it in combination with JBoss ( using 4.2.1 ) I see
      ofcourse the JBoss offers so much more, wanting to look into JBoss Seam when writing a minor CRM and soforth.

      So my initial problem is ( having the EnterPrise JavaBeans 3.0, fifth Edition, and JBoss at work by my side ) is how do I grasp all this, where do I start reading and how do I 'get' all the techniques that are spoken about and how do I get an overview of what is best for me - the jBPM could as well fit me instead of Seam ....

      So could anyone give me some advice on how to become a 'JBoss' expert in the meaning that I know which tech. fits me and the problems and the solutions that I want to come up with.

      best regards, i