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    Where to start the learning experience



      Starting to learn EJB 3.0, getting into it and I do like it.
      While learing it in combination with JBoss ( using 4.2.1 ) I see
      ofcourse the JBoss offers so much more, wanting to look into JBoss Seam when writing a minor CRM and soforth.

      So my initial problem is ( having the EnterPrise JavaBeans 3.0, fifth Edition, and JBoss at work by my side ) is how do I grasp all this, where do I start reading and how do I 'get' all the techniques that are spoken about and how do I get an overview of what is best for me - the jBPM could as well fit me instead of Seam ....

      So could anyone give me some advice on how to become a 'JBoss' expert in the meaning that I know which tech. fits me and the problems and the solutions that I want to come up with.

      best regards, i

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          well before starting to run you must learn to walk ehhheheh :-)
          Jokes apart, it depends on how much you are skilled on JEE technology.
          Seam is a quite useful framework but it assumes that you are familiar with concepts like EJB and JSF. So I'd suggest ai first to learn EJB 3.0 and JSF.
          Then you can move to framwork like Seam and JBPM, it will be much easier.
          Hope it can helps