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    Multi-Processor machines

    Josh Sents Newbie

      Are there any magical settings for multi-Processors machines?
      I have a New Dell server with 4 700mhz xeon processors with 1gig of ram running windows 2000 server. When I run Jboss on the server I get slower response times than on our 733mhz desktop machine.

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          Josh Sents Newbie

          I would also like to know what peoples opions are on the preferred OS to use in production on a single processor vs. a multi-processor machine.

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            Corby Page Newbie

            I'm not seeing the same behavior. My production app runs on a quad-processor 900MHz Xeon with lots of RAM, Windows 2000, and it scales quite nicely.

            That being said, my application is very heavily multi-threaded (lots of MDB's running concurrently), and so I would be pretty surprised if it wasn't able to distribute loads evenly among the four processors.

            What does the architecture of your application look like?


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              Josh Sents Newbie

              We followed the MVC architecture for our fronted end, then through the servlet or a helper class we access the one of about 150 session beans, these session beans then go to our cmp entity beans for data from the database. The session bean do all of our business logic. We have roughly 350 tables that we are hitting.

              What did you mean by "lots of MDB's running concurrently"

              Do you basically just take your desktop configuration and place that on your server or do you make any changes?


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                Erik Sliman Apprentice

                Does anyone know the answer to jsents' question?

                I understand that multithreading takes advantage of multiple CPUs. However, does standard Apache HTTP --> Tomcat (JSP) --> Java classes --> EJBs multithread? If so, is it per HTTP request, or can it multithread further? How does JBoss use multithreading?