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    JBoss 3.0.0RC works slow

    Dawid Newbie

      JBoss 2.4 with Tomcat on my computer starts in max. 10 sec. (usual 5-8 sec.). JBoss 3.0.0RC need 1 min and 30 sec !!!. I understand that JBoss 3.0 has more services, but in my opinion it shouldn't start almost 10 times slower. I try remove some services (i.e. cluster-service.xml, scheduler-service.xml etc.) but it did not help.
      Starting is not big so problem, worse is, that invoke on JBoss 3.0 takes more time than on JBoss 2.4. I have servlet which make some xml transformation. On JBoss 2.4.5 with tomcat 4.0.3 transformation takes 14sec, on JBoss 3.0.0RC with Tomcat 4.0.3 it takes 27 sec. This servlet doesn't use any ejb staff. It seem that JBoss 3.0 works as break.
      Is anyone can explain me this strange behavior of JBoss 3.0?
      best regards

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          Tobias Frech Apprentice

          If you check the jboss-developer mailing list you will find a thread on this topic. Basically JBoss3 has a lot of logging turned on in RC1/2. Also they won't start optimizing all the new code until it is out of the RC phase. Don't do performance test on any "unstable" version please. The stuff will get fixed. Just give 'em time and continue using 2.4.x for now.